dinsdag, augustus 07, 2012


In Flanders Today staat een artikel over de buddywerking voor expsychiatrische patiënten.
"Research proves that a well-entrenched buddy system offers many advantages: It takes socially weaker individuals such as Chrisitne, whose physical illness isolates her, out of their isolation. It helps remove stigmas around certain afflictions; it improves the quality of life for the participant; and it decreases the risks of relapse and of suicide. But the buddy system is much more than simply a matching of patient to buddy. A detailed process supports the duo well beyond the initial matching, from intake interviews with both parties and educational and networking sessions for the buddies, to follow-up evaluations and networking with other organisations in the mental health sector."

Het artikel heet zeer toepasselijk "with a little help from my friends". U leest het hier

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