vrijdag, november 28, 2008

Brief aan Barack

We haalden deze morgen ons beste Engels en onze stoutste schoenen boven of is het we trokken ons beste Engels en onze stoutste schoenen aan? Euh... We schreven een brief naar Barack Obama, toekomstig president van de Verenigde Staten.

Dear Barack,

We are from Belgium. We are a group of people from a Psychiatric Institution and we compose a magazine. We are socially very engaged.
We were glad to hear that you were elected because we believe you take care or will take care of minorities such as people that are poor, sick or are from another race.
We would like to hear your opinion about our magazine, named Kiosk. In this magazine we are very concerned about prejudices concerning psychiatric patients. We try to inform people to create a better understanding of mental problems. We know that in the United States the healthcare is a hot item and we believe that you want to improve it.
We write this letter with a feeling of solidarity for all psychiatric patients all over the world.

Best regards

Merry Christmas
Happy New year

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